Someone tried to sell prototype Pixel 7 on Ebay

What is claimed to be a prototype of the Pixel 7 has ended up on the web, specifically on Ebay with the ambition of selling the device. Shortly after the prototype was put up for sale, it was taken down.

The accompanying photographs don’t reveal much Google hasn’t already shown off in official images. The photographs show the black model with a glossy back.

The Pixel 7 duo retains the same signature camera module on the back but metal is used this time. The metal frame is also new – now with a textured surface. According to the Ebay page, the phone runs Android 13 and new versions of Google apps.

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will be released in the fall.

Google disables selfie editing on its Pixel 4a and 5 for sanity reasons

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