Sony developing ‘Xbox Game Pass’ competitor for PlayStation

One of the important names of the game side Sony, developing an “Xbox Game Pass” competitor for PlayStation. The expected step at the end being thrown.

Xbox Games Pass A very popular service. For those who don’t know, you can access more than 100 games with a monthly subscription on Game Pass, and you can play these games on Xbox or PC depending on the package you choose. Game Pass is seen as a great boon, especially for those with a budget problem. Here is a similar it’s finally coming for the PlayStation side as well.

According to the news of Jason Schreier, the system is now Spartacus developed under the codename. With this system, many PlayStation games will be accessed collectively by paying a monthly fee. According to the source, Sony will offer players multiple packages. The top package will even include PS1/PS2/PSP games.

It is reported that it will be released in the spring Sony’s Xbox Game Pass rival, creates excitement in the game world, but Jason Schreier states that expectations should be kept low. Sony is not expected to put giant games on this service as Microsoft does.

Sony is returning the PlayStation side through exclusive game sales and will not take a step to reduce this revenue. It is highly likely that many games will have Game Pass’s rival on the PS side. It will be added 1 year after release.

However, even this will make a big impact in markets like Turkey, where PlayStation game prices are very high. The system is expected to be further detailed soon.

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Sony made a sound with the latest controller patent on the PlayStation side

Sony, classic / popular based on a job posting that appeared in the past months PlayStation It made a lot of noise with the news that it wants to bring its games to the mobile world. then so far PlayStationthat doesn’t really bring exclusive games to mobile Sony He published a statement and stated that this would change it.

Sonyeven for that matter “get ready“He also made the statement. Later on, the company’s big mobile move through the clarified discourses, end of 2021 – beginning of 2022 as planned.

Which special edition was first made by Sony? PlayStation It is not known whether the game or games will be brought to mobile, but the company seems to want to support the process in terms of hardware. A new patent that has emerged is that the company has a patent for phones. “PlayStation” indicates that he may be developing the controller.

This controller, which is not seen outside of the patent, carries the smartphone in the middle and creates the impression that it will be exclusive to Sony’s Xperia models for now. As you can see, this product, which has no information that it will come with 100% certainty, is standard. PlayStation It has keys and key layout.

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