Sony says the PlayStation 5 will consume less power than the PlayStation 4

He environment It is very important for everyone, and should be taken care of properly. That’s the same as Sony He wants to do with his products of the videogames division, looking for his devices to be much more environmentally friendly, with greater energy efficiency. All this brings us directly to the Playstation 5, since Sony has claimed that It will consume less power than the PlayStation 4.

Playstation 5

This has been announced Jim Ryan, who is the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, in a statement where he has indicated the company’s plans for this initiative that seeks to make the video game industry more sustainable. Thus, to make the PlayStation 5 more efficient, Sony has indicated that the console will equip an integrated system that will improve consumption of each of the device components independently.

In addition, it will focus on a new suspension system whereby users can make the PlayStation 5 enter sleep mode consuming much less energy, the improvement being “about 0.5 watts.” In the event that more than one million users decide to take advantage of this new feature, Sony indicates that they will be able to avoid wasting energy that would mean feeding some 1,000 houses in the United States.

via: Engadget

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