Sony sued over PlayStation game sales

One of the names in the center of the game world Sonythis time PlayStation is on the agenda with a legal development in particular. taking.

Sony, UK-based consumer rights advocate Alex Neil sued by. Neill, with Sony’s 30 percent commission from PlayStation Store-based digital sales. “robbed people” He claims that he wants to get everyone’s rights with the legal process he started for this. In six years with only UK-based digital sales from Sony’s contacts He stated that he received 5 billion pounds more money. If Neill achieves his goal, a penalty of between 67 pounds and 562 pounds can be paid by Sony to people who have purchased games or DLC from the PlayStation Store in the UK. As a result of this lawsuit, Sony’s commission on sales could be cut or the 30 percent cut could be drastically reduced.

Neil, He states that Sony is violating competition laws by taking commissions on every sale, but in the process it is strictly just Sony not included. Companies such as Steam, Epic Games and Microsoft are also making serious cuts on digital sales. Among these names, only Epic Games’ commission is at 12 percent.

Sony and PlayStation side came to our agenda with the latest planned series and movie contents. To make a brief summary, the firm has a Days Gone He is actively working on the movie. In addition Horizon Zero Dawn A Netflix content based on the game is also on the way. Sony also focused on racing Gran Turismo He is also developing a movie for the series.

Also for Peacock Twisted Metal The series is highly anticipated for Amazon Prime. God of War series, for HBO The Last of Us sequencefor the cinema Ghost of Tsushima and Metal Gear Solid movies are also actively on the way. last to the cinema Uncharted notable for the movie Sony, now focuses more on the PC and movie / series side.

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