Sony unveils PlayStation Stars, a new program aimed at rewarding gamers

PlayStation Stars © Sony Interactive Entertainment

After the redesign of its Playstation Plus, Sony continues to develop its services with the advent of a new program. This time, it is the loyalty of the players that will be rewarded.

Thus, obtaining points will allow you to pocket some nice gifts on arrival.

Stars in the controllers

In the weeks and months to come, Sony will diversify its offer on the services side. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer was lagging behind in this respect compared to the competition. So, after offering its own Game Pass with the new PlayStation Plus, the Japanese firm is preparing to copy the Microsoft Rewards system.

On this Thursday, July 14, 2022, Sony therefore unveils PlayStation Stars. This program aims to reward players who spend their time playing on a console of the brand. They will be able to accumulate points before exchanging them for bonuses and other dematerialized objects.

Loyalty above all!

For example, by connecting to a game or by winning a specific trophy, a player can obtain a certain number of points. A competitive aspect will also be part of the game, since the first person to win the platinum trophy of a title will be greatly rewarded. Other challenges, such as winning a tournament or other competitions, will also be on the agenda.

Consuming the points will be used to earn funds that can be used on the PlayStation Store, or even to win products (probably games) from the store. Of the ” digital collectibles “, which represent characters or iconic accessories of the brand, can also be unlocked. Finally, PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive points for each purchase made in the Store.

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In short, the PlayStation Stars will obviously be similar to a fairly common loyalty program. Its deployment will take place later this year, and registration will be free.

Source : PlayStation-Blog

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