Sorting the following list for Instagram [Nasıl yapılır?]

Instagram Unfortunately, the order of the users you follow on your profile is mixed. However, you can change the order with the new feature.

Instagram With its complex algorithm, it is sometimes a compelling platform for users. So much so that even the list of users you follow is sorted according to this algorithm-oriented order. While the users you interact with the most are at the top, for example, an account you followed 10 minutes ago but whose name you can’t remember can disappear in the follower list. However, with the new update, it is possible to prevent this. You now have a list of people you follow chronologically You can sort.

Pro tip: You can also sort accounts from earliest to latest followed. Who was your first follow? 👀

— Instagram (@instagram) February 6, 2020

Instagram feature finds first followed account

Now, if you click on the Follow option on your profile, another option called Sort appears on the screen. Sort: If you click the arrow icon to the right of the option that appears by default Follow Date: Most Recent and Follow Date: Oldest It is possible to arrange your followed list chronologically by choosing one of the options. Thus, you can access the profiles you follow first on the platform. Of course, if you unfollowed the account you followed first, it will show you the oldest account in chronological order. We think that listing the newest to the oldest will undoubtedly be the version that many users will prefer.

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