SpaceX is ready for Türksat 5A mission; here are the details and live stream link

Elon Musk‘s company, SpaceX, which changed its perspective on the subject of space, soon Turksat 5A satellite into space will carry. Here are the details;

Turksat 5A If the communication satellite does not go wrong, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 exactly with the rocket model 8 January 04:30 will be sent as of The mission, where you can follow the take off directly from the video above, of course SpaceX until It is also of great importance for Turkey.. It is among the information given by the company that the take-off will take place at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. It is also reported that the Falcon 9 rocket will land vertically on the autonomous surface ship at the end of the mission, and this rocket has been used in three different missions before. SpaceX is really pushing the limits when it comes to rocket recycling.

SpaceX, which will carry the Türksat 5A satellite into space, was on the agenda with its latest Starship mission

SpaceX starship, For those who do not know yet, it is among the most exciting works of Elon Musk in the last period. after 2020 Falcon 9 with Falcon Heavy rockets and Dragon will replace the capsule rocketis of great importance for the future of mankind in space. This rocket, with its three engines, is fully operational at takeoff. 11.8 million pounds thrust can be produced.

Honor Band 6 smart watch Turkey passenger; here are the details

on power Saturn V will double the rocket and will be the strongest in the world rocket, the final test prototype prepared last week SN8 It has been tested for take-off with and has so far been a prototype starship reached the highest point reached. SpaceX starship, The landing did not complete as expected. The rocket, which returned vertically to the point where it took off, due to the problem that occurred at the point where it landed. completely exploded and became unusable.

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