Special artificial muscle engine from Samsung to the metaverse world; here are the details

Samsung R&D the team is exciting to the invention he signed. Samsung’s R&D team and Ajou University‘s Mechanical Engineering Department has developed an artificial muscle actuator (motor).

The engine that can also be used in augmented reality glasses 0.22 grams in weight. The artificial muscle actuator allows users to have much more immersive experiences in the virtual world. Designed for the metaverse world, the system can measure the object’s triggering of motion through pressure. To the actuator developed in the project CASA named case. The tactile glove prototype incorporating CASA can recognize the expressions generated by the tactile writing system and has the potential to be applied in tele-tactile devices that convert them into electrical signals. The artificial muscle actuator is poised to play an important role in the development of wearable devices such as multifocal AR glasses and sensor gloves. Although this newly developed version has a light body, it has the durability to lift objects 800 times its own weight.

Samsung made a statement about the artificial muscle motor

From Samsung R&D Team Dr. Bongsu Shin, said about the exciting development: “The new actuator we propose is light, compact and very strong in terms of force-to-weight ratio. While the new actuator overcomes the limitations of traditional actuators, it also opens up potential for applications ranging from robotics to wearables. We anticipate that the outcome of our new research will become the core hardware technology for a more immersive and interactive experience for the next generation.”

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