Sport-specific wristband for Apple Watch models [Video]

Apple Watch A wristband accessory specially prepared for sports was launched for the models. Bride Twelve South signed ActionBand with meet.

Twelve South signed ActionBand, It is a product that appeals to people who like to do sports with Apple Watch. As you can see, the product, which is very different from standard straps and is very comfortable due to its structure, is naturally not affected by sweat and allows the watch to be easily removed and put on.

There are versions compatible with Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6 and SE, and the company is informed that the Watch Series 7 version will be released soon. ActionBanddoes not prevent heart rate measurement.

ActionBand prepared in only one color, from here It is available for $30. It should be noted that the product comes with a normal bracelet for the other arm. So in total, two pieces are purchased.

Here are the key details for the Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 smart watch model in Turkey in aluminum case 41 mm body is selected 4,399 TLif 45 mm body is selected 4,699 TL have prices.

With 41 mm and 45 mm body, which is increased in strength compared to the model it replaces and is launched as the most robust Apple Watch. Series 7It has an IP6X certificate so it is absolutely not affected by dust. Of course, the watch is also waterproof, allowing swimming.

How many people bought Xiaomi Mi 11 without a free charger to protect the environment

It offers 18 hours of battery life and can be charged 33 percent faster than the model it replaces with the new USB-C charger. Watch Series 7It comes in aluminum, stainless steel and titanium bodies.

Series 7 smart watch model, Series 6 It can make detailed measurements such as heart rate, ECG and SpO2. The model, which also has a sleep tracking feature, can of course track activity in any pen and automatically recognize sports.

“Series 7 offers significant improvements, from a larger and more advanced display to improved durability and fast charging capability,” who says Apple COO Jeff Williams he continues:

“Powered by watchOS 8, Apple Watch offers new helpful features to help customers stay connected, track their activity and workouts, and better understand their overall health and wellness.”

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