Star Wars: even Mark Hamill cannot explain this error in the saga

Sure Twitter, the actor could not answer a surfer’s question about a screenplay void in episode 4. Why did R2D2 never tell Luke that Vader was his father? Mark Hamill doesn’t have the answer.

It’s without a doubt one of the most famous scenes in the saga. Often parodied or resumed, the revelation of the real identity of Darth Vader could never have taken place to believe the remark of a user on Twitter. “R2D2 was there throughout the plot and never had its memory erased. So why did he never tell Luke that Vader was his father? “ Whoever watched the saga with his daughter, admits not having the answer, as did Mark Hamill who was quick to react. Faced with the very fair remark of the surfer, the actor who plays Luke Skywalker in the saga admits defeat. “I read this tweet, think long and hard … I shrugged and left”. As far as they are concerned, the fans seek an answer to this vacuum-scriptwriting and imagine several more or less plausible hypotheses to explain this silence of the little droid. Some people rightly point out that other characters knew this and also did not choose to say it. We think in particular of Obi Wan who, if he saw his apprentice die before his eyes on Mustafar, seems to know exactly who he is dealing with in the confrontation between the two characters in A New Hope. Yet the Jedi Master also didn’t choose to tell Luke, and that might be enough of an explanation. The little droid may have received instructions to keep it secret until the final revelation. Others more simply believe that if R2D2 knew Anakin, he had no way of knowing that he was Darth Vader. Skywalker could also be a common name on Tatooine and the little robot will certainly not have made the link between its two masters.

To clarify the situation, Disney + subscribers will be able to embark on a new viewing of the entire saga in the United States from May 4. The firm with the big ears has just announced that the last episode of the saga, theSkywalker Ascent will join the catalog for International Star Wars Day, “May the 4th”. In France, we will have to wait again since the media chronology prevents the films from being made available on SVOD platforms less than 36 months after their theatrical release.

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