Strange moves: USA gives car-focused processor permission for Huawei

Technology giant under US embargo Huawei, received a permit from the USA today. Automobile-focused processors are behind this permission. taking.

recently made a statement Huaweiexplained that the biggest problem they experienced under the embargo was “not being able to find a processor”. Explaining this directly for the phone side, Guo Ping stated that Huawei can design its own processor, but no one will produce for them due to the embargo.

Ping also said that they are looking forward to the day when it is produced entirely in China with every stage of processor production. Kirin and Snapdragon processors are used together in Huawei’s new phones, but still, a large amount of chips cannot be found. Snapdragon processors that the company can buy do not have 5G support due to the embargo.

Now, it is on the agenda that the US has given Huawei a license. According to this permit, the company will be able to purchase processors from US companies with a focus on auto parts / electronics.

While it is strange that the United States has blacklisted Huawei, which it says poses a risk to national security, when it comes to million-dollar figures, it is strange that this situation looks good for Huawei itself.

Because the global chip crisis continues and every new chip found means great comfort for the company. It does not seem very likely that the USA will allow the sale of processors for the phone in the near future, focusing on 5G processors.

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The USA is also asked to embargo Honor, which has no ties to Huawei

Now Huawei unrelated to honor, despite this, he is put on the target board through his old company. As we have mentioned before, Honor’s new products have Android licenses. In other words, Google services and services and the Play Store application market work smoothly on new devices.

However, there are those who do not want this. As it turned out last week, a group of US politicians, He wants Honor to be included in the banned list, which includes Huawei. “affiliated with the Chinese state”, the company with unfilled opinions, was created by the group we are talking about right now. United States Department of CommerceComplaining to .

It is not yet known how the United States Department of Commerce will respond to these complaints. However, it seems very unlikely that Honor will be included in the ban list, since it is under a new group.

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