Super Girls come to Android with The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania and Jetpack Joyride

Las Supernenas, the original series that can be seen on Cartoon Network, Get to Android now with The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania and to follow that trail of games dedicated to animation series.

Those Supernenas will be now hitting mansalva with a very similar style of play to Jetpack Joyride. That is to say, we are talking about the launching of a Supernena with a slingshot, it will be stamped against the evil one on duty and will use it as a trampoline to jump into the air and get as far as possible; always helped by the supervillain’s minions.

A few weeks of animation

As we said, These last weeks have fallen for these mobile games based on mythical animation series. On the one hand we have Champions, on the other, Pokémon Masters, and without forgetting Punch-man and even The Knights of the Zodiac. We are making it very difficult to quantify which we can play and the time available for it.

Now they bring us to the Super Girls with Cartoon Networks and a game style oriented to throw them far away. The truth is that the game is more than well orchestrated and intends that you get gold coins to get new skills to use them with Supernenas.

The Super Chicks

Basically you have to use a slingshot to launch a Supernena, and that it hits the supervillain to propel and take enough jumping force to go through the air. It will fall on the heads of a great variety of henchmen and thus use them to continue driving and advancing meters.

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Get as much distance as possible in The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania

That is, in The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania you will have to take the Supernena to the maximum possible distance to rescue another who is some distance away. Once this is done, we will continue making progress to keep Cactus, Petal and Bubble in our hands.

The Super Chicks

The truth is that there are a lot of skills such as jump, accelerate, dig, hit, fly, hook and plan that summarize the ones that you will be unlocking, as you get gold coins. And of course, the objective is to face Mojo jojo, the supervillain of the animated series that is also accompanied by others that you will know about the series.

The Super Chicks

So we have the animated series en all its essence with its most famous characters, their cats with propeller backpacks and dynamic content that will be updated so that we continue to launch our favorite heroines.

A game more than well designed

The feeling they leave us are more than good, because we have the animation series traced on the screen of our mobile. The animations of the Super Girls are the same and we will have their expressive gestures every time they jump or use a special ability. The truth that playing it is cool and every game makes us enjoy. If we add that the freemium is not noticeable in the first minutes, it gets us hooked.

The Super Chicks

Technically it is very well embroidered at all levels. We highlight the great work in animation, environments, character design and all that color that they have managed to transmit from the series to the mobile screen. We also comment on the soundtrack and those visual effects that animate the party. And of course, the great variety of enemies and characters that we will meet and that become part of that cocktail that is The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania. Being frank, it’s like participating in the animated series in each game. And this, we cannot say about many other games that try to bring those characters from other franchises.

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The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania arrives with the Super Girls doing theirs and demonstrating its super powers so that you can enjoy it from now on being free to download. A title that overflows freshness and that, although its gameplay is copied, they have managed to give it their own touch with the skills of our favorite heroines. A whole game for Android and that shows that these weeks are marking a before and after for gaming from our phones.

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