TCL (already) evokes a launch window for the next PS5 and Xbox Series

PS5 XBOX Series

Before moving on to the next generation, game consoles now benefit from a mid-life cycle review. This will probably be the case for the latest machines from Sony and Microsoft.

While shortages are still impacting PS5 and Xbox Series X stocks, the two manufacturers could already be studying the possibility of launching new, more powerful machines in just a few months. Indeed, Xbox and PlayStation will no doubt seek to reproduce the pattern operated with the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X… That is to say, to provide consoles that are more powerful than the basic models, but without necessarily going to the next generation. next.

TCL spills the beans… or says nonsense?

It was during a press conference in Poland that TCL Technology publicly mentioned these famous consoles. The Chinese firm referred to what it calls the ” new Xbox Series S/X » and the « PS5 Pro » when looking back on the technological advances of each generation. The brand goes so far as to predict a launch of these machines from 2023 or 2024.

TCL explains in passing that these mid-generation consoles will provide 4K definition with a framerate between 60 and 120 FPS in game. The output resolution could reach 8K by conversing an extremely high frame rate per second . Unfortunately, it is difficult to know if TCL has concrete information or if it is a simple projection without the slightest foundation.

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Source : Tom Henderson

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