Technologies that will change the video conferencing process from Nvidia [İzle]

graphics card giant Nvidiais working on technologies that will change the video conferencing process with artificial intelligence. Here is the last examples;

Nvidia recently introduced the Broadcast application, which focuses on live broadcasters and game broadcasters in particular. Here, the infrastructures developed for this application and more will be transferred to normal video conferencing processes. The video, which you can watch above, published by the company through the Maxine developer program, shows the technology automatically following people with artificial intelligence, changing the background without a green screen and eliminating noise.

In addition, the developed technology can significantly improve the image quality in video conferencing. One of the most interesting aspects of technology is that it can adjust the face. Artificial intelligence detects your face and even if you are not looking directly at the camera, it can make your face appear as if it is by rotating it virtually. At the same time, the technology can seriously reduce the amount of data / internet usage with special compression techniques. Meanwhile, the system effectively makes fun things possible, such as replacing your face with digital avatars.

What did the Nvidia Broadcast app offer?

for any purpose live streamers prepared for Nvidia Broadcast app, recently from here made available for free. As we mentioned before, the application, which has a very simple interface, carries a very powerful software / artificial intelligence infrastructure behind it. According to the company NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, Quadro RTX 3000, TITAN RTX or higher screen working with cards this app makes publishers’ lives pretty easy on a few key issues.

For example, with this application, ambient noise can be completely eliminated. It is also possible to remove the background without a green screen with the Broadcast application. This structure can also make the back side blurry. In addition to the above in practice, there is also a auto follow feature is also included. The feature, which zooms in on the camera digitally, detects the broadcaster’s face and can follow it continuously.

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