Tesla unveils the very powerful “Dojo” supercomputer system

The leading name in the electric car market Teslais really strong within the scope of the event it organized today. “Dojo” supercomputer system introduced.

Tesla You know, he attaches great importance to artificial intelligence. The company’s vehicles have very strong infrastructures in autopilot over artificial intelligence. There is a need for powerful computer systems to make these infrastructures stronger and to speed up education.

Exactly for this, the company has been around for a long time. dojo He was developing a supercomputer. The official announcement for the Dojo, which is curious in the field, was made today. The supercomputer introduced after the humanoid robot below, of course, made a lot of noise.

According to the company’s statement dojo, when it comes to artificial intelligence training fastest system in the world located in. At the heart of this supercomputer D1 It has the second chip, called the company, developed in-house. The chip, whose technical data are below, comes out of the 7 nm production process.

It will become operational next year and depending on the need. It can be scaled up on the D1 chip that offers 362 teraflops of power alone. transferred supercomputer, ExaPod in the joint installation called (with 3 thousand D1) ExaFlop outperform the transaction level. That really means incredible processing power.

Tesla had previously announced a supercomputer.

Announcing that it has developed the world’s 5th most powerful supercomputer last month, the company also directly will use it to develop the autopilot system.

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Total 5,760 GPUsIt is currently unknown when the supercomputer, which is reported to consist of , will actually be put into use. But the company’s work in the field looks truly incredible.

At the moment, perhaps the most advanced autopilot systems in the market are in Tesla vehicles. The company does not even use radar for this system anymore. Autonomous driving is achieved with only the camera.

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