That phone you had as a kid, remember? Now he’s making calls

Fisher-price vintage phone © Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price launches a limited-edition real telephone in the image of its “vintage handset” toy, first released in 1961.

It is a rather unusual news that we are relaying today. You want to change phone ? Do you want to impress your friends when they visit you? If you have kept your inner child, then this phone may well catch your eye.

On the occasion of the 60e anniversary of its children’s toy representing a vintage telephone, the Fisher-Price brand is today launching a functional “real telephone” with an identical design.

It should be noted, however, that the object cannot be used as a conventional landline telephone. Indeed, the device is designed to connect to an Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth and the distance between the two devices may not exceed 5 meters. We will therefore consider this telephone of another kind rather as a gadget than as a fixed handset. In the same line, the device works on battery, the latter having an autonomy of 9 hours in conversation on a single charge.

fisher price flyer © fisher-price

A humorous communication around this release

To irony on the release of this object and reinforce its communication campaign, Fisher-Price also strikes with a rather amusing visual taking up the characteristics of its vintage telephone. It reads in particular “60G LTE” in reference to the communication bands used in the field of telecommunications. This is a humorous nod to the 60th anniversary of the object.

Evidence for Google foldable phone found on Android 12

In the same vein, the poster takes us back in time, formulating a simple but effective promise: ” No emojis, no camera – just fun! “.

The limited-edition item is available for $60 starting today and while supplies last on Best Buy.

Source : Engadget

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