That's how spectacular the first Xiaomi flexible mobile would be

That's how spectacular the first Xiaomi flexible mobile would be 3

If 2017 was the year of screens without frames and 2018 the year of smartphones with Notch, 2019 will be remembered as the year of flexible mobiles. After many years seeing this as something more typical of a science fiction movie than something plausible, technology has finally evolved enough to make true that concept presented by Samsung makes more than five years: The folding smartphone, made possible by the Inclusion of a flexible screen that can fold over itself and continue to display the phone’s interface without problems.

Xiaomi Dual Flex

With an eye on Samsung, which will debut its first folding smartphone this 2019, the rest of brands such as Motorola or LG also work with ‘foldable’ display concepts, Although the main competition for Koreans seems to be their Chinese neighbors: Xiaomi already showed in January a new concept that exceeds what has been seen so far: a smartphone capable of folding in two areas instead of one as we have seen in so many patents of 2017 and 2018.

Lin Bin, the president of Xiaomi, confirmed on the Weibo social network what su company works on its first flexible mobile. And instead of keeping the thing in words and a couple of schemes, Xiaomi has decided to launch a short video that illustrates his vision: in it we see the executive with a small tablet in which he is reviewing news and videos.

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A kind of small tablet whose sides fold inward so that the device acquires the usual form of a smartphone. As you can see, the MIUI system interface is repositioned immediately, adapting to the new configuration, and in fact the design itself brings physical side buttons to be used in the open mode or in the mobile mode.

The race is underway, who will win it?

According to Bin, the prototype was a technical challenge, and for now it is that: un prototype that the company “consider producing massively provided that user feedback is positive. The project has two names, Xiaomi Mi Dual Flex or Xiaomi Mi MIX Flex –the latter pointing directly to one of the company’s best known and successful families, precisely the Mi MIX series that made the concept of frameless screen fashionable.

And so, more than half of the year has already passed: the Samsung Galaxy Fold It has been delayed its departure date due to last minute problems in the design – which are already solved -; The Huawei Mate X has not gone on sale either. And in Xiaomi they haven’t talked about their foldable phone again, although a recently published patent It gives us a closer look at the terminal design. A patent requested in the EUIPO, the European Union Intellectual Property Office, and published on August 5. A patent with 7 sketches that show the device from various angles.

That's how spectacular the first Xiaomi flexible mobile would be 4

Half as expensive as the competition?

The idea itself is the same: a flexible mobile that folds 2 points on itself. According to the patent we have a mobile phone with Full View screen design without frames, with a USB Type-C port and a Triple rear camera – or is it a Dual with FLASH LED? – that when folding the mobile is protected. But what to use it, both sides must be openedYes, which leads us to doubt whether it will not be uncomfortable to take photos only in Tablet mode.

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The mobile itself does not show a single physical button, such as conceptual mobiles Meitu Zero or the Vivo Apex 2019. Nor do we see a fingerprint scanner, which suggests that it is under the screen. We do not know more, or when it will be presented or how much it will cost, although given that the first flexible mobiles are will move on the fork of 2,000 – 3,000 euros, maybe by € 1,500 Xiaomi market yours. A crazy price, but it would still be half that of the competition. Here we leave you with some renders that have elaborated on LetsGoDigital following the patent sketches.

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