That’s it, Apple would have sold more than 2 billion iPhones

WhileApple has just launched its new iPhone 13 series, we learn that the firm has already sold more than 2 billion iPhones since the launch of the first model in 2007. This is indicated by a publication by analyst Horace Dediu. As a reminder, Apple crossed the billion iPhones sold in 2016.

What is strange is that the news was not announced by the firm during its keynote in September. But according to Dediu,

Today, the iPhone is the product that generates the most revenue for Apple and it already has over a billion active users (not to be confused with the number of units sold). In the meantime, the offer has evolved enormously.

While in the days of Steve Jobs, Apple offered a simple offer with very few products, today the firm is releasing 4 different models for a series. In 2020, Apple even released 5 different iPhones, along with the iPhone SE 2.

And on its site, the company sells a total of 24 different models or versions, ranging from the iPhone SE 2 to the iPhone 13 Pro Max with the 1TB storage option.

Rumors are already circulating about the 2022 models

While the iPhone 13 series is an upgraded version of the iPhone 12 series, the 2022 models could bring more drastic changes. Indeed, Apple could finally say goodbye to the notch he popularized with the iPhone X, and adopt the bubble on the screen, like the makers of smartphones Android.

Office Lens becomes Microsoft Lens and is enriched with new features

Otherwise, next year, Apple could also get rid of the mini format. And the iPhone 14 series could consist of iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. According to unofficial sources, instead of offering a compact version of the iPhone 14, Apple could offer an XXL version with a larger screen, but almost identical characteristics.

Finally, it should be noted that rumors are also circulating about an iPhone SE 2022, which could become the most affordable 5G model ofApple.

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