The “18+” step has been taken in the metaverse world of Meta

Even if you don’t have Facebook anymore Facebook well Meta associated with metaverse In particular, different steps continue to be taken.

For the non judges Facebook or under the new name based on the umbrella company Meta, at the end of last year metaverse He made a big show about it. Directly “escape from reality” we can describe as metaversea file that Meta wants to install. “virtual world” appears as. The virtual world concept we see in science fiction movies “Horizon (There are different versions for work, play and fun)special to the metaverse world called ” social network combining with Metaa virtual reality-based “completely borderless” to interact with digital avatars. dreams of the future. You can use the Metaverse not just for entertainment but also for work (Meetings etc. wherever desired with virtual characters.) also planned for Metacontinue to work in the process doing.

One of these studies 18+ was in focus. Horizon Worlds All of the worlds created in the world will be marked as 18+ by the company as of next month. If people wish, they will be able to get rid of the 18+ phrase by agreeing to comply with certain prohibitions. However, in the virtual world, obscene content (For example, a setting that focuses on some level of nudity, depictions of people in obscene positions, or extremely obscene activities), contains additional marijuana, alcohol, tobacco or gambling content, and contains fictional content that includes blood, gore or extreme violence It will remain as 18+.

Horizon Worlds in virtual worlds marked 18+ not everything will be free. The company will not allow excessive sexuality, nudity, crime, dangerous acts, illegal drug sharing, matters such as murder, and the real-world sale of products such as weapons in these environments, even if it is virtual. around here only Basic adult content will be allowed.

The company is the latest in this field. earning money came to the fore with his work. Meta is a social metaverse platform that can be accessed with Quest VR headsets. Horizon Worlds It also wants content creators to make money. Here, in the first stage, only certain creators sell special objects to virtual worlds they create. is aimed. It is stated that there will even be access keys to the special areas created between these objects.

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So, will the money made here go directly to the creator? The answer is of course no. Meta will be able to cut commissions close to 47 percent here. In other words, the creator will earn much less than the main money of the item he sells. Virtual world purchases seem to be the material face of the future of the metaverse, and NFT sales for these worlds are also in focus.

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