The 6 best websites to watch movies and series in HD

In our space for leisure and rest, we usually always choose to watch a good movie or series. Thanks to the Internet, we have more possibilities than ever to choose the most attractive film titles. However, we can also see many websites that promise us something and end up being a scam. With these recommendations we offer you, you can see the best movies and series in HD in Spanish and streaming without problem.

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Watching popular series and movies online is something that most people spend a lot of time on. That is the reason why a large number of websites have chosen to fully engage in this sector. Also, because in Spain the Internet connection has reached a good speed, enough to see all kinds of streaming content. So it is already possible to enjoy movies and series in HD, without connection cuts and without having to wait long for them to load. These are some of the most interesting websites that offer content in good image and sound quality.

1. Miradetodo

Something that complicates our lives a lot when it comes to searching for movies and series in HD over the Internet, is the continuous bombing of Spam that we receive. This makes us give up already desperate. The Mirardetodo website is a place where we can forget about spam and ads, so you won’t have trouble seeing all the content it has.

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Its library of movies and series is quite wide, and you can filter by genre and year of release, with the possibility of viewing them in Full HD, HS and SD quality. It highlights its section of upcoming releases, and the contents are in both Spanish and Original Version or VOSE. They have a rating range so you can see the most prominent and best rated.

2. Repelis Plus

Another of the websites that we recommend is Repelis Plus, since it has a simple and intuitive design and meets what we are looking for, watch movies and series in HD for free. Its catalog is wide and it is possible to find the best releases in each category. Best of all, its content is in Spanish in both Full HD and HD.

Repelis plus HD

This website also stands out for offering the possibility of download your android application, which allows access to all content without having to see your advertising, something that does not happen in the web version. In addition, the files can be downloaded for you to enjoy on your mobile, without having to be connected to the Internet.

3. Gnula

Another that could not be missing, is the well-known website of free online movies Gnula. It has been offering great content since 2013, improving its interface and the quality of the files. Its special attraction is that the movies and series available are in HD quality, both in the original version with Spanish subtitles and dubbed in Spanish.

Gnula online

You have a section with the film material best valued by users: the most watched, the most voted and favorites, as well as another section to see the next releases. Of course, you can also search by categories and genres.

4. Pelispedia

This website is said to be the wikipedia of the world of series and movies, that is something that makes it especially attractive. As difficult as it is to find what you want to see, you may be in Pelispedia. His catalog is his great asset, to do the searches there are a lot of filters, either by letter in which it begins, by genre, year of publication, or through the different sections such as: top movies, top series and latest releases.

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In addition to offering all its streaming content, it is also possible to download it with the different servers that it recommends. The quality is in HD, and in each file the synopsis and the trailer appear, so you get more information about what you want to see. Likewise, there is also the average mark that the users who have seen it have set.

5. HD online movie

Its name already says it all, this web in design is very similar to Pelispedia, although it offers fewer filters. It is a good alternative since its library is also wide, although all its content is specifically from movies.

The most attractive thing about online HD movie is precisely the quality of its files, since they all come in Full HD. When choosing the movie you want to watch, all your information and the servers on which you can download it comes if you prefer. You also have the option to leave your vote and see the ratings of other users.

HD movies and series

6. Elitestream

Finally, we recommend this website especially for its ease to reproduce the content, although in most websites you have to go bypassing and avoiding advertising, in Elitestream this process is simpler. The files are in HDrip, although the quality decreases a bit, its loading is much faster, so that its reproduction is more efficient.

The design of this website is attractive and allows you to access all the content of series and movies in a simple way. The sections that stand out are its sections: latest releases, Latin releases, Spanish releases and VOSE premieres. Also has a lot of categories to go filtering What interests you the most.

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These websites that we have recommended usually have some advertising, and incorporate buttons that are there for us to enter other paid websites. It is important that when entering these pages you activate an advertising blocker, so as not to have to go through several filters until you reach what we want to do, which is to watch the series or movie online.

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