The automaker NIO launches into smartphones (and wants to rub shoulders with Apple, just that)

Nio ET7 © Nio

The Chinese car manufacturer NIO will create its own smartphones. The brand wants to develop its presence in other fields of tech, and will therefore start with telephones.

NIO is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer. Its SUV models like the ES8, ES6 are already present in the German and Norwegian markets. The ET7 luxury sedan is expected to be released in China shortly. But NIO is far from just a car manufacturer.

NIO: boundless ambition

NIO has achieved a great trajectory since its creation in 2014. For its high-end electric cars, NIO has created showrooms, called NIO House. These houses are halfway between a concept store and a coworking space: a palette of neutral tones, wooden furniture, an upstairs café, a play area for children, a library, a laboratory, workspaces… NIO is not selling you a car, but an adventure, the goal being to make the car an extension of the home.

NIO has also created NIO Life, a clothing brand made from recycled materials. One of the clothing lines was made from automotive materials (airbag, seat belts, etc.). These clothes give the brand a modern, eco-friendly, futuristic appearance. NIO Life also produces everyday objects, travel bags, water bottles, an electric scooter, and cookies through partnerships with other brands. The company’s goal is now to gradually invest in the world of tech.

Compete with Apple?

It is the following idea that drives NIO to produce smartphones: to give consumers confidence in a reference brand that accompanies them in all aspects of their lives, throughout the day. This is where the brand wants to compete with Apple.

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NIO decides to look ahead and in particular to prepare for the possibility of an Apple Car, which would enrich the entire Apple ecosystem. In order to compete with the Apple brand, NIO’s idea is to develop smartphones compatible with the NIO system. Brand researchers want to achieve a smooth and seamless connection of their connected devices to the vehicle interface, continuing their integrated and multifunctional perspective.

Source : Electrek

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