The best application for watching television on Android is updated: favorites, radio filtering …

With permanently connected mobile phones, you can do many tasks, without having to anchor yourself to home WiFi to listen to music, watch Netflix or enjoy what they offer on television. Well, maybe the TV shows you like don’t abound, but I’m sure more than once you want to access the channels when they do something interesting. And yes, the cell phone is perfect for that.

As is usually the case with Android, there are many applications that promise to offer DTT transmission channels, but not many fulfill what was promised. And of the few that I have favorites: TDT Channels, a personal project that not only works well when I watch television, but also updated very often. As recently happened.

All DTT channels on your mobile

DTT channels are complete applications that not only have outdoor television channels, but also radio channels in the territory of Spain, all of which can be accessed with a couple of rhythms and full direct. Of course, this application can consume a lot of data if used with cellular networks, so you should take special precautions, especially with not too low rates. Here, DTT Channel is perfect: well designed, with updated channels and now with more options.

The TV watching app has been recently updated, including a feature that has been lost: favorites. Now possible choose which channel will be saved as you like to avoid having to search for it in a large list of options; options that extend to radio stations. Radio filtering from the Autonomous Community has also been included and the multimedia player used for the transmission has been updated. And one last important point: the DTT channel will notify you when a new version is available.

Watch the Android Tdt Tele channel

This television viewing application is not available on the Play Store: Google and television networks, Do not allow such applications. If you want to install it, you just need to visit Marc Vila GitHub, the developer: download the Apk from there and install it on your Android. This application is free, ad-free and was developed in open source.

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