The best Chrome and Firefox extensions to improve your productivity

When we sit down to work in front of the computer we all have our own ways of doing things and we feel that they work better for us, but that does not mean that there are not some out there tools that we can integrate to make our lives easier.

If the browser is an important part of your workflow and you want to do it in a faster and more efficient way, you can always take advantage of browser extensions to help you be more productive, either when managing tabs, or blocking interruptions and discomforts, accelerating some tasks, or simply offering you more comfort.

We are going to recommend a couple of dozens of extensions that you can use mainly in Chrome, but also in other browsers such as Firefox, and of course, all those based on Chromium that support Chrome extensions, such as Vivaldi, Opera, Brave or new Microsoft Edge.

To manage tabs


All tabs

  • Toby: It’s a perfect Chrome extension to organize your tabs and save RAM at the same time. It is free for individual users and allows you order tabs on Trello style boards. Its creators call it an “information manager” and it offers a much more visual and organized way of viewing tabs, it also has synchronization with Google Drive, which guarantees you not to lose important sessions or links whenever you use it.
  • All Tabs: this is another excellent extension for Chrome to simplify the management of tabs, it looks a bit like OneTab but with many more options to organize the content and save sessions, and also save memory in the process by keeping tabs in suspension while not You are using them. All Tabs is perfect for minimalist fans.
  • Tab Manager Plus: it is for those who can not stop accumulating tabs, unlike the previous ones it does not work on the new tab page but directly from a drop-down menu that appears when you press the extension icon, that is, you have your Instant tab management from any current tab, allowing you to minimize, open or close everything in batch.
  • Ninja Tab: It is not to manage tabs but to give them super powers, what it does is add additional controls for your tabs in Chrome, that is, it adds options that do not bring by default such as closing the tabs to the left and to the right of the one that is active, or all but the active one, and a lot of other things.
  • Qlearly: it works with Chrome and Firefox and we offers not only eyelash management but favorites, all using the Kanban method, that is, columns that are created automatically with the bookmarks you already have saved and others that you create yourself at pleasure.

  • SuperTabs has a simple goal: make it easier to switch between dozens of tabs in Chrome. Its only two functions are an icon in the extension bar with open tabs counter and an understandable list of all those tabs to go to them in a click without having to navigate through miniature squares where you don’t see any text.

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To make things faster

productivity extensions

  • FasterChrome: this extension is excellent to speed up Chrome navigation, what it does is simply make page loading smarter with a simple trick: Load in the background each link on which you hold the cursor for at least 65 milliseconds, that is, it predicts that you are probably going to click there because you are passing the pointer tentatively and start loading the page before you open it.
  • Videospeed: if in your work you have to watch videos online and you are looking for ways to save time on it, with this extension you can control the playback speed on sites like YouTube or even Netflix, not only accelerating, but slowing down in case you don’t understand something because of the speed of the dialogues. Can help you a lot to watch videos up to twice the speed. It works in Chrome and Firefox.
  • Multicopy is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that let us copy and paste multiple things directly from the browser menu, that is, keep a history of everything we copy so you don’t have to repeat the same process over and over again, you can work wonders for your productivity by saving enough tedious repetitions and time.

  • Invideo is another excellent tool to facilitate the viewing of videos, this extension for Chrome adds search within the videos of YouTube taking advantage of the subtitles self-generated by the platform, it can save you a lot of work if you are watching a video for a specific segment but you don’t know what time stamp it is.

  • Swift Selection Search is one of my favorite extensions for Firefox, once you start using it hard to abandon it, what it does is add a popup with different search engines every time you select text on a page, that is, you can search that text on Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and more sites instantly.
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To get rid of discomfort and interruptions when browsing


  • PopUpOFF is responsible for blocking many discomforts that appear when browsing, such as pop-ups and overlays that cover the entire page and do not let you see what you want to see. This extension block things that adblockers can’t block, so it can be an additional complement to avoid interruptions.

  • Poper Blocker works in Chrome and Firefox and what it does is what its name says: block popups. It also notifies you when it blocks them, allows you to add exceptions and shows you blocking statistics so you know what are the sites that are abusing those practices.

  • Smart Tab Mute for Chrome and for Firefox ensures that only one tab plays sound at the same time.

For higher comfort

productivity extensions

Dark reader

  • Windows Timeline Support if you use Windows 10 and you are taking advantage of the new Timeline or timeline that integrates the operating system, then you need to install this extension for Chrome or Firefox to take advantage of it with those browsers. The timeline of Windows 10 is excellent for continuing your work on another device or for having a visual history of everything you’ve been doing in the system for the past 30 days.

  • SessionBox is a small wonder for Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome that allows us to start several sessions of the same service in a single browser, something exceptionally useful if in your work you manage multiple user accounts and do not want to be closing and opening sessions or using more than one browser.

  • Darkdocs: if you work a lot with Google Docs and you get tired of seeing so many blank pages, try the extension for Chrome Darkdocs just to add a dark mode to Google documents], it may ease your work hours a bit .

  • Dark Reader allows us to use a Dynamic dark mode on all the websites we visitIt has many customization options that you can set even individually for each website, if the brightness of the screen bothers you too much this can work miracles for you, and the comfort of your eyes.

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