The best programs to delete old files in Windows

Over time, this can become a serious inconvenience, especially when you consider that limited space , As you know. Therefore, there will certainly come a time when we will be forced to start freeing up disk space, which is almost never pleasant. Then we will have to remove applications and games from the computer in order to continue working with it.

Programs for deleting old files in Windows

But yes, at the same time we must remember that it is very likely that we have very old files stored on computer HDD. These are the ones that become obsolete when we create new ones or modify existing ones. We must remember that accumulating the same used system for a long time is not possible, so the accumulation of useless files is almost inevitable. Therefore, as you can easily imagine, they represent a completely useless occupied space that we could use for more useful things.

It is true that it is most appropriate to delete all files that are out of date if we know of their existence. But it is also true that for some things we keep everything, thinking that they are unlikely to take place. This may be true at first, but when we have accumulated several years of using the same Windows The situation can get serious. But this has a solution, as we show you below.

We tell you this because there are some applications that can help us perform this service without any effort and thus release disk space In particular, they are responsible for the removal of those files or folders which have been on our computer for a long time and are not used at all.

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Apps to automatically delete files and folders

Delete old files

First of all, we will talk about a simple application that focuses on these automatic deletion tasks in Windows… First, let’s say that you can download it from this link and we’ll find a simple user interface, but a bit outdated. Of course, the program is responsible for cleaning old folders and files daily or monthly.

Delete old files

This is what is done based on the creation, modification, or last access date of those items. Thus, we can configure so that all files older than a certain number of days are easily deleted. We only need to specify the folder or drive that we want to analyze.

Cyber ​​D’s Autodelete

In this case, we find another application, which has been between us for many years and which you can download from this link.As in the previous case, it has a user interface that has not been updated for a long time, which manifests itself in its appearance. In general, he does his job, which is to remove the old files and folders from our disks Windows…

Cyber ​​D's Autodelete

Thus, the program allows us to define a series of filters to specify the files that you can remove from the folders we specify. It is a process that will run periodically and at the same time allows us to define other parameters. Among them, we find that we can choose a certain type of format so that they do not remote , For instance.

Clearing a subdirectory

And we’re going to continue with another program, similar to the ones discussed above, and equally free. This is an application that we can download from this link and it will help us when it comes to freeing up space in Windows… Let’s say that this offering provides us with a simple user interface that allows us to use program remove old content.

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Clearing a subdirectory

Thus, we only need to set a number of parameters to run the program. Here we indicate the time since it was not affected, route, size, etc. Of course, unlike the alternatives discussed above, here we can use the command line Windows for the same removal tasks.

Delete files older than

One of the first things that strikes us about this particular offer is that it offers us a slightly more modern user. interface To begin with, we will tell you that you can get the program from this link to install it in Windows… Its use is very simple and affordable when it comes to disposing of unused files that have more than a certain date. Thus, we only need to specify to delete files older than the files to be automatically deleted by date type or size.

Delete files older than

In addition, it is also worth noting that, unlike previous cases, with the help of this software we can install password, protect its misuse. At the same time, we can make a program Start automatically with the system itself Windows…


In this case, we will talk about another sentence of this type, that is, about a program that will be used to delete files of a certain age in Windows… This will free up space on the system and be used for other purposes. Of course, we must keep in mind that this program works a little differently than the others.


We say this because the application itself does not have user interface like those that have been analyzed so far. On the contrary, Delage32 works from the command line of the system, an application which, by the way, can be downloaded from this link.

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Delete old files directly from Windows

With everything and with this, Microsoft’s our own operating system gives us the ability to automate this removal without additional software. For this we will use, from PowerShell open as administrator a specific command. When we are in the window corresponding to PowerShell as an administrator, we enter the following command: ForFiles / p “C: Usuarionname_of_user_folder” / s / d –90 / c “cmd / c of @file”.

Powershell Borrar Archivos

At this point, we must remember that here we have the opportunity, of course, to indicate the desired path to the disk, as well as the days of antiquity instead of 90.

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