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The rack cabinet is specially designed for the installation of computer equipment such as routers, switches, servers, as well as all the cables required for this equipment, both at the network level and at the level of fiber optic cables, as well as power cables for various equipment. Depending on the needs of your home, it is possible that some rack cabinets are more related to use and where you intend to put them than others.

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If you have little equipment and little space

If you don’t have much rack equipment such as a router, a managed switch, and a NAS server, then you should buy a rack cabinet. The wall stand is very useful for home and small and medium companies, it can be placed directly on the wall or even on the table. There are not too many U in cabinets of this type, that is, height units for installing a large amount of equipment, but if you do not need to install multiple switches, routers and servers, you should buy this particular type of cabinet. both in size and in price as they are very affordable. Let’s imagine you have a room where you have all your computer equipment such as switches, a NAS server, a UPS to protect various equipment, and more, then a wall cabinet is perfect for you because it will provide you with a certain order of all computer equipment. devices that you have. Houses.

We have to keep in mind that the wall cabinet racks are 19 “in size, but depending on the model, we will have different U and different depths. We have to remember that U is a standardized unit of height in cabinets and they measure 4.4cm.The larger U we have, the taller the rack will be, but they will always be multiples of 1U, adding extra height at the bottom and top so that wiring can be skipped …

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In wall mounted rack cabinets, we usually have the following different U models:

  • 6U cabinets
  • 9U cabinets
  • Cabinets 12U
  • Cabinets 15U
  • Cabinets 18U
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We have to take into account the weight of the cabinet and the equipment that we are going to install inside, if we are going to attach it to the wall, the most normal thing if we buy a wall-to-wall cabinet with a lot of U is to put it on the table to give stability and not have any problems with weight. As for the dimensions of this type of cabinet, they are usually 600 mm wide, but the depth varies from 300 mm, 450 mm, 550 mm and even 600 mm. Depending on the equipment that we are going to install in these cabinets, we will have to buy one or another model, always controlling the bottom of the cabinets and leaving about 150 mm in relation to the equipment with greater depth in order to be able to manage all the wiring correctly and there were no problems …

Wall cabinet accessories

There are accessories you can buy for the wall cabinet that are very interesting, firstly, trays regardless of whether they are fixed or pull-out, depending on the depth to which you bought the cabinet, you will have to buy one or the other trays. You can also buy wheels for this type of wardrobe because they are not included by default, in addition, we also have special filing rules for shelving, as well as typical patch panels, brush bushings, plugs and more.

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If we do not have a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or NAS server, it is highly recommended to buy the rack-mount type so as not to waste the few units that have this type of cabinet. Nowadays, all professional grade managed switches can be rack-mountable, in fact, they are shipped with typical rack-mountable supports, and the same goes for equipment. Wi-Fi controllers, as they come with everything you need to fit it into this type of cabinet.

If you have a lot of equipment and a lot of space

If you have a lot of equipment and a lot of rack space, you will have to choose between two options:

  • Wall-mounted rack 15U or 18U, these cabinets are the same as the previous ones, but they are the “tallest” ones for installing a lot of equipment inside, so we need to have enough space for a home environment. Note that the height of an 18U cabinet is approximately 1 meter.
  • Floor stands with multiple U-shaped shelves, this type of shelving comes with wheels and is designed to be placed directly on the floor of your home, office, etc.
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Floor racks are a type of cabinet specifically designed for small and medium businesses, but you can place them in your home if you have enough space for them. You have to keep in mind that the floor stand will always be placed on the floor due to its weight, and it also comes with wheels to make it much easier to move wherever we want.

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Floor standing cabinets are usually shipped prepared with a cooling unit on top to trap hot air from the inside of the rack and exhaust it outside. If we activate this cooling, then placing any object directly above these fans is a very bad idea. We say this because floor stands with a small amount of U can take up 1.2m or 1.5m, which is ideal for placing decorative objects or any object to “take advantage” of the space up to the ceiling, and this is a very bad idea because we will be placing cooling is at risk.

If you have a router, one or more managed switches, and multiple NAS servers with appropriate UPSs, it is very likely that you will need a floor cabinet because the wall cabinet is too short for you. This type of cabinet has a lot of U, usually 22U to 47U, depending on your needs and budget, you can buy a cabinet with more or less U, but always remember that you should not put anything on top of the cabinet, preventing air from flowing out ventilation. Most typical rack cabinets have the following U for equipment storage:

If each U is 45 mm, we can calculate that 22U is about 1 meter effective height for the equipment, but the actual height is slightly higher when we add the heights of the wheels, the bottom of the cabinet and the top. cabinet. closet. Add another 15-20 cm to the useful height of the cabinet.

We have to keep in mind that the floor rack cabinets are 19 “so we will have 600mm wide and different heights, however there are also 19” 800mm wide cabinets that will allow us to manage the wiring much better than usual. On both sides. In addition, in these cases, we have different depth measurements, from 600mm depth to 1,200mm depth, so they are ideal for installing really large equipment.

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Accessories for base cabinets

The accessories you can buy in this base cabinet are exactly the same as for the wall cabinet, you can buy fixed trays, pull-out trays, adjustable depth trays, blank panels, cable grommets with brush for proper wiring organization, patch panels , electrical strips. additional power supply; and the option to purchase a fan tray if it is not included in the rack.

In the case of floor-standing cabinets, we have the option to buy them with a lot of U, so there is less need to buy rack servers or UPSs, which are usually much more expensive than a “tower”, although it would be advisable to save space if you have a lot of equipment, but this will depend on your needs and your budget.

As you have seen, we have two main possibilities to buy a shelving unit for the home: either we chose a wall cabinet with several or many U, or a base cabinet with a small amount of U (because the cabinets with a large amount of U are specially designed for companies.that will be the installation of a large the amount of equipment, and at home you rarely need it).

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