The best smartphone video game imaginable

Watch good movies, read great books, or enjoy great video games. Although the first two actions are considered by many arts or cultures, the third is still not considered even though the video game industry is one of the most important and most profitable in the world.

Is it video game art? We cannot deny that the stories we live in and the world that depicts us little or no need to envy the best movie or book stories in history. A clear example is the title for Android that we show below. Is this game art? For many, it is for sure.

Sky: Children of Light

People from Thatgamecompany inc, creator of the great masterpiece Journey, brought us a free mobile game where the first thing they did was look. Such games are difficult to describe and only understandable when playing..

We must explore the lonely world as we move, jump and plan to discover and solve mysteries, all with a powerful virtual voice and voice. Like Journey, Sky: Children of Light is a game everyone should try and evaluate. It’s also free so there’s no reason not to do it.


GRIS award-winning game from Spanish studio Nomada Studio, is another video game that we can count on as art. It recently came to the Google Play Store for almost 5, 49 euros and although it’s not a very long title, This is one of those games that leaves their mark when overcome.

Meet the HIT P10, Philco’s new smartphone

This is an incredible visual and voice experience, where we tackle a girl who loses her voice and travels the world by avoiding obstacles, solving puzzles and avoiding various platforms and leaps. A relaxing experience for the moment when you just want to sit on the couch and enjoy the beautiful visual and sound work.

Monument Valley 1 and 2

Android Monument Valley

We’re moving to the two most popular games for Android and iOS. Monuments Valley 1 and 2 are two puzzle pieces where perspective is crucial. Thanks to the incomparable style of the article, they are quickly becoming the two most successful games in the mobile landscape.

This style of play is perfect for relaxing while enjoying every detail the Monumentalmente Valley offers us. Important to any smartphone.

Vatiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts of the Great War

World War II movies and video games are in progress. On the contrary, there is little to tell about the First, one of the events that caused the most deaths in all of human history. With Brave Hearts: The Gran War, Ubisoft tells the story of a soldier who must survive this war of destiny to reunite with his wife and children.

With a graphic adventure full of puzzles, Valiant Hearts tells beautiful stories and emotions with beautiful graphics. Despite the pain and cruelty of war, there are times of hope and this is the message that the game wants to leave us through its four chapters.


We finish with a job that doesn’t leave anyone playing it no matter what. Limbo, from Swedish studio Playdead, is one of those experiences that makes you speak not only of its history but also of its unique aesthetic in black and white with gray tones.

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Although launched in 2010, no other game can create the same atmosphere and it would take a long time for us to fit in and get through it. Only for 5, 30 euros is an important game and ends with what you will always remember.

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