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With this list, we’re going to list a series of new versions of video games that have managed to grab the attention of players of all kinds, as while many enjoyed playing again, others discovered for the first time genuine gems that couldn’t be missed.

The best video games are being converted into a game

What’s the difference between remastered and remake?

As the name suggests, the remake is a reworked work. In other words, the developers built on the original idea for the game, but wrote the code from scratch to offer a completely new version that makes the most of the new platform it runs on. Final Fantasy VII is one of the great examples.

Remasters, on the other hand, start with the basics of the original game, in which case the developers update the graphics and textures to make the game look much better. Typically, in today’s releases, remasters are ready to play in 4K and enjoy more detailed images.

Best Video Game Remakes

Resident Evil

Resident evil 3 remake

If there is a saga that particularly draws attention to this remake, it is Resident Evil … We can go back to 2002 and find the first remake of the original Resident Evil, a version that appeared on the Nintendo Gamecube and fans loved it. But in recent months we have received two particularly impressive releases, as both Resident evil 2 and Resident evil 3 got their remakes with incredible results.

Final fantasy vii

Final Fnatasy VII Remake Trailer

What was one of the most screaming and cheering announcements of the latest E3 releases, came in 2020 to reminisce about the old days. And How. Work done by Square Enix with this remake Final fantasy vii awesome, although unfortunately the game is being played in parts, so players won’t be able to complete the story until the next parts are published.

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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Zelda Links Awakening

What started out as a free time project in the offices of Nintendo eventually became a gem in video game history. Link’s Awakening appeared on the Game Boy in 1993, and in 2019 Nintendo decided to release a spectacular, extremely colorful remake that always has essence, but with some new aspects that make it as fun as possible.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot

Become an Unintentional PlayStation The mascot of Crash Bandicoot is loved by platformer fans for its extremely fun and original game. It penetrated the players so much that in 2017 Activision prepared a brutal remake of the first three parts of the saga, launching a new game on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch…

Spyro Reconstructed Trilogy


But there is no point in running Crash Bandicoot if you forget Spyro, the cute dragon that brought us a lot of fun on PlayStation. Another trilogy in the form of a remake with many details, which thanks to Unreal Engine 4 takes us to the incredible world of dragons, over which we flew in 1998 with this charismatic character.

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the colossus

Launched on the PlayStation 2 in 2005, its limited controls and fair graphics didn’t stop the game from becoming a symbol of what Sony was back then. 12 years later, Sony announced an exciting remake that will allow many to pay off the outstanding debt of one of the best PlayStation games.

Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

Monkey Island secret

True Representative point and click The graphic adventure has received well-deserved acclaim, which may not have achieved the expected success. The reason may have had to do with the loss of one of the essences of the original game, and that pixelated aesthetics with truly original designs have been a big part of the success and magic of Monkey Island. However, this is a version to keep in mind and is absolutely a must for anyone who hasn’t played this game yet.

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Half life

While this is not an official version created directly by Valve, the Crowbar Collective’s work could very well be a valve-sealed release. Based on the Source engine, this incredible remake of the legendary Half life completely changes everything we knew so far from Gordon Freeman’s first adventure.

Developer: Crowbar Collective

Price: € 17.99

Other rumored and upcoming remakes

Mafia remake

If you thought the remake fever had subsided, you are completely wrong. New games, completely redesigned from scratch, are coming in the coming months, and one of the coming Mafia, which will look like a brand new game while retaining the fantastic gangster story that was so popular a few years ago. We will have it in stores on August 28th. Also, another great release is Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2, an impressive remake of the skate simulator that revolutionized the board world when it was released on the PlayStation.

But the main course may be yet to come, as many rumors suggest the legendary Super mario 64 may appear as a remake for Nintendo Switch. It will be an incredible launch that will surely grab the attention of many, so we’ll be watching to see if that prediction comes true.

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