The Blacklist 7×13: The Search for Ilya Koslov Continues (RECAP)

Watching a series at this time of quarantine by the new coronavirus may be the best solution for many people to get away from reality for a while. And the new episode of The Blacklist manages to provide a good distraction for fans.

“Newton Purcell” features suspense, emotion and hints of comedy, showing the versatility that The Blacklist have.

Some of the highlights of the episode are the mysterious messages Lizzie receives from an unknown number and Glen trying to gain Red’s trust in a contest of who gets the longest with his hand resting on a truck.


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Red needs to transport the equivalent of 12 million dollars of tritium from Japan and decides to do it in a creative way: the material is infused into the metal of a truck and must be taken to a dealership in Houston, USA, where one of the Red men must make the purchase and purchase the vehicle legally. However, Glen is responsible for doing all this, and he accidentally sends the truck to Scranton instead of Houston. To reverse the situation, Glen himself goes to Scranton—and that’s where things get weirder.

It turns out that the truck is being used by the dealership as part of a contest to see who can handle spending more time with their hand on the vehicle. Glen enters the competition and assures Red that he will come out the winner. After more than 64 hours, he actually gets the victory, but more important: Red’s respect.

Lizzie gets mysterious messages saying things like “End of line… Sorry!!!”. As is later revealed, this is an FBI friend who is looking for Ilya Koslov, but the conclusion is inevitable: Koslov is a ghost, and to find him, Lizzie will need a ghost hunter. To do this, she gets the number of a private investigator. “I want to find him,” Lizzie says to a mysterious woman who appears in the backseat of her car and holds a packet of files about Koslov along with money for the investigation.

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The episode also shows the relationship between Aram and Elodie, in which the woman claims to want to have children with him in the future, despite the fact that she is technically married and doesn’t want to divorce for various reasons, specifically because she doesn’t have an agreement. prenup. Innocently, Aram finds out that there is, indeed, a prenuptial agreement and that Elodie would gain nothing from the divorce, only if her husband died—which happens suddenly due to an aneurysm.

But what could all this mean for Elodie herself and her relationship with Aram? Just the next episode of The Blacklist Can you answer.

Text written by Flávio Motta Coutinho via Nexperts.

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