The color options expected to come with the iPhone 13 appeared in the draft design

New color options, which are expected to be offered to users with the iPhone 13, appeared in the draft design. Looking at the shared sketch design images, it is seen that the phone has a total of 6 different color options.

It is claimed that the iPhone 13, which we expect to have a similar design line with its predecessor, will be offered in a matte black color. The rose pink color option is also among the new color options that attract attention. Purple, orange, red (Product Red), white, yellow, green and blue colors are also likely to be offered to users.

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will make a difference with their camera performance

It is stated that the iPhone 13 models will also have an astrophotography camera feature. In this way, the phone is said to be able to detect the moon and stars and take better photos. Of course, this support is expected to be exclusive to Pro models.

The new Pro models are said to take better ultra-wide-angle photos than the current Pro model. It is also mentioned that the sensor-based stabilization system, which was previously exclusive to the 12 Pro Max model, will be used on all iPhone models. It is said that all the details about the new models will be revealed in September.

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Concept study revealing the design of the iPhone 13 Pro [Video]

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The color options of the Concept iPhone 13 draw attention

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