The creator of God of War charges against Xbox One, and mocks the Adaptive Controller campaign

There are situations that are not pleasant to tell, but that can invite us to reflect on the type of environment we want for our favorite hobby. For better or for worse for many people our platform is more than just the choice of a device, and we are somehow involved with it. What are we going to say on a website dedicated to Xbox?

This type of implication teaches its worst face in what has been called “console warfare,” and who else who least has somehow practiced, but no doubt there are borders that should not be crossed. It is not usual, and it causes quite a stupor when we see an industry professional down to what muds, but this is what David Jaffe, designer and father of sagas like God of War or Twisted Metal has done.

Jaffe believes Xbox One is “unforgivable”

During his last streaming David Jaffe entered a loop of criticism against Xbox, in which even the campaign (and its protagonist) of the adaptive controller were involved. For Jaffe Xbox One is an “unforgivable” console, and Phil Spencer fails to give ammunition to his fans to defend the console. While he considers the adaptive controller to be a great initiative, regrets that poor Owen has to play «Forza and Crackdown 3», and would not like to be in the child’s skin when he has to argue with Playstation fans. Here You can see an excerpt from his criticisms.

Jaffe, who has been since yesterday answering To those who criticize him on twitter quite uncontrollably, he does not seem to understand that the mere concept of “having” to defend a purchase is by definition console warfare. Before statements like this try to enter into considerations about the catalog of the console, or the absurdity of mixing a child according to what matters, and you can only wonder if this is the type of professionals we want in the industry. No doubt Jaffe has exemplified everything we should not do.

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