The emergency SOS features of the iPhone 14 series will not be limited to two countries

Consisting of four different models iPhone 14 family has an emergency SOS feature via a satellite. There is a new detail for this.

The iPhone 14 family is fully 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max from models consists of. Here is an important step for all of these models. emergency SOS via satellite feature included. After phone calls free for two years can be used as (The fee is still unknown) this feature is not supported by phones. emergency life saving designed for. In the first stage only USA with CanadaAccording to the statement made by Apple, the feature will be offered to users in . to other countries at the end of the year. to be moved.

It is not disclosed which of these other countries are, and there is no leak yet. Meanwhile, Apple emergency SOS via satellite feature 2023 It is expected to continue to expand in the next year. The activation of this feature in Turkey is not expected for now.

Apple, this Globalstar satellites (The company currently has 24 different low-Earth orbit satellites.) with all the details you need to know about the useful feature possible with the official press release as follows: transmitting:

“The iPhone 14 product line also offers Emergency SOS via satellite. This feature combines special components that are deeply integrated into the software, allowing antennas to be connected directly to the satellite. Thus, it provides the opportunity to send a message to the emergency call center when out of cellular network or Wi-Fi coverage. Because satellites are low-bandwidth moving targets, it can take minutes for messages to be delivered.

Because every second counts, iPhone preloads a few vital questions that assess the user’s condition and show them where to point their phone to connect to the satellite, thanks to its Emergency SOS over satellite feature. Initial questions and follow-up messages are then forwarded to centers where Apple-trained specialists are available to seek help on behalf of the user.

This groundbreaking technology enables users to find where they are by taking advantage of the Find feature in situations where there is no cellular or Wi-Fi connection. It also allows them to manually share the location via satellite. So it gives a sense of security when hiking or camping where there is no network connection.”

Satellite connection feature details here recently introduced Huawei Mate 50 included in the models. Huawei also focuses more on the life-saving part of the process.

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