The first electric bike by Triumph Motorcycles: The Trekker GT

One of the leading companies in the motorcycle world Triumph MotorcyclesStep into the world of electric bikes with its model called The Trekker GT threw.

Electric bike The fact that the market is growing does not escape the attention of motorcycle companies. You know giant name Harley Davidson even developing electric bicycles. The newest in this field is the UK-based Triumph Motorcycles signed The Trekker GT is happening. The recently launched model has an overall stylish design. The bike, which focuses on urban use, which looks quite modern in our opinion, carries suspension in front. In this respect, the comfort level is high. The Trekker GTIt carries a built-in LED lighting system for night use. Bike with built-in fenders with disc brakes front and rear, total 24kg in weight. in the center 250W The model with an electric motor powered by 504Wh with battery pack 150 km It offers an average range and can provide continuous pedal support. Electric bike that comes in a form that can carry a passenger or a basket on the back The Trekker GT, in the middle of the handlebar indicating range and speed. LCD screen carrying.

Electric bike Triumph Motorcycles The Trekker GT isn’t cheap at all

Because the announced European price of the model 2.950 euros located at the level. If the US price $3,700 looks like. The bike, which will go on sale in the UK for the first time, is not one of the most popular in the market, but it is tried by those who do everything as it should.

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