The first visual leak from the OPPO Reno5 series to be sold in Turkey

OOPPO Reno5 series is actively on the road and this time the models are visually in front of us. Phones appear as expected.

OPPO Reno5, Reno5 Pro and Reno5 Pro Plus, adopts the above design based on the image from a solid source. Here’s your Reno5 straightwhereas Reno5 Pro and Reno5 Pro Plus curved seems to use the design. Phones that carry the selfie camera in a screen hole do not adopt a different line from the Reno4s behind them, as we can see from the leak below. It seems that OPPO has not spoiled the beautiful rear design it has set with the Reno4s. This is the impression that will please many people. making up.

As it turned out yesterday, the devices are in order $455, $576 and for $683 will be sold. The family, which will be introduced on December 10 and will go on sale on December 25, except for the Reno5 Pro Plus, is technically well detailed. According to leaked information OPPO Reno5 Pro and Reno5 Pro Plus 90 Hz 1080P 6.55 inch AOLED display, Reno5 It has a 6.43 inch 90 Hz 1080P AMOLED display. Reno5 power on the processor side Snapdragon 765Gtakes from. Reno5 Pro model Dimensity 1000+if Reno5 Pro Plus Snapdragon 865 uses.

OPPO Reno5 family is eagerly awaited

from their boxes Android 11 above ColorOS 11 phones with 65W uses fast charging and, respectively, in-built 4,300mAh, 4,350mAh and 4.500mAh contains battery. In the screen hole 32 megapixel selfie Phones with cameras have a quad camera system on the back. The main camera of the Reno5 is 64 megapixel Sony IMX686, while the Reno5 Pro and Reno5 Pro Plus have a 50 megapixel Sony IMX7X main camera.

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