The five best selling electric bicycles

The effort and wear involved in riding a classic bicycle was reduced with the arrival of modern and revolutionary electric bicycles. These come equipped with an electric motor whose energy is provided by a battery to assist with the advance. If you are interested in buying an electric bicycle, we in this post want to talk to you about some of the best sellers:

Honda Kushi

The renowned and distinguished Honda brand two years ago manufactured an ideal model for the average cyclist that you can acquire for a little more than 800 euros. Its engine has a power of 240 W with a range of 40 km. It has a lead and acid battery that you can change when necessary and at an affordable cost. This bike not only guarantees you quality, it is also an economical option.

Moma eBike 26

The five best selling electric bicycles 5

It is estimated that Moma eBike is the best selling urban electric bike in all of Europe. It is a bike that weighs only 20 kg and has a 80 km autonomy. It is indicated not only to go for walks, it is also a good option if you need a means to move to work or university.

It has a led light on its front and on the back, an LCD display that gives you information about the battery status. In addition to Shimano levers, they offer 7 speed changes. Composed of prestigious elements, it can be achieved in the market by 860 euros In Amazon

NCM Moscow

The five best selling electric bicycles 6

The best selling electric mountain bike, highlighted by its robustness and quality. It presents disc brakes Tektro and changes Shimano, two good and big brands known by professional cyclists. Its autonomy reaches 120 km, has 21 speed changes and an engine 250W Das-Kit whose lithium battery is 48V. At a price of 1200 euros In Amazon

Reality 3Cs, the next midrange that will soon enter the market

Xiaomi QiCycle

The five best selling electric bicycles 7

One of the folding electric bicycles with the highest number of sales. It has a Panasonic lithium battery, weighs 14.5 Kg being extremely light and Shimano parts. It offers an autonomy that reaches 25 km. Its price is 899 euros In Amazon

Alterbike Runner

The five best selling electric bicycles 8

With a touch of personality Alterbike He has designed an electric bicycle with bright colors. But it is not the only thing that can be highlighted, It is ideal for flat roads. It offers a range of 40 km and has a 450W motor, in addition to having a weight of 18 Kg. Another point in its favor is its accessible price of 763 euros.

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