The iOS 16 beta public beta is here! Find out how to install it on your iPhone

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After a beta phase reserved for developers, iOS 16 finally arrives in public beta. If you have a recent iPhone, we explain step by step how to install it now on your device.

Improved concentration mode, easier photo cropping, new features brought to the Mail and Messages applications, various interface changes, new lock screen with a high degree of customization… These are just some of the many new features offered by iOS 16. Expected in final version this fall, when the iPhone 14 will be ready to hit the market, the new version of the operating system has been on display for a few weeks already through betas intended for developers. Now everyone can access it. Because this week, and as promised by Apple in early June, the consumer beta of iOS 16 is available. Clubic therefore takes the opportunity to show you how to install it without further delay.

iOS 16 on your iPhone in just minutes

First of all, we must point out that installing this first public beta of iOS 16 is not entirely without risk. The OS is not yet in stable version. It is therefore recommended, if it is not already done, to make a backup of your iPhone. Note that installing iOS 16 can only be done on an iPhone 8 or newer models.

These clarifications being made, bring your device to begin the installation.

  • Go to Apple’s beta page through Safari. The use of a browser other than that of Apple could compromise the operation, specifies XDA Developers ;
  • Click on the “Register” button, in blue, then identify yourself;
  • Choose iOS 16 from the list of available systems;
  • Click on the mention “Register your iOS device”, visible in blue in the first paragraph;
  • You will be advised to back up your iPhone. Do this if necessary;
  • Click on the profile download button, still in blue, then click on “Allow”;
  • Head into your iPhone’s Settings, where the “Downloaded Profile” tab should normally appear (you can also find it under the General > VPN & Device Management tab). Click on this tab, then on “Install”;
  • Restart your iPhone by following the instructions displayed on the screen;
  • Once the iPhone has restarted, go to Settings, then to Software Updates;
  • Install the iOS 16 beta like any other update.
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Be careful, you are on a beta…

As mentioned above, iOS 16 is not yet finalized. Bugs may therefore be to be deplored, and all the necessary optimizations have not yet been made. You may therefore be faced with stability issues, blockages, glitches or even reduced autonomy.

If you have a second iPhone available, installing iOS 16 on it rather than your main iPhone may therefore be a good idea. Otherwise, be sure to back up your device so you can roll back in case something goes wrong.

Source : XDA Developers

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