The iPhone 13 series is also notched; but here is a positive detail

apple, iPhone 12 is getting ready for a wide release with its family. The firm is also iPhone 13 He is also actively working on models. Here is the latest information from the series;

You know from Apple October 13 four new iPhone 12 model is coming. While these new phones do not fall off the agenda, they are solid. source Ice Universe recently the iPhone 13 family notched design He said he would adopt it. The new upcoming series, the iPhone 12s, also has a notch. The iPhone 13s, which will come in 2021, have a positive reaction. will narrow the notch being transferred. In this way, it is said that the screen area will be increased. Of course, almost everyone wants the notch removed. However, it seems that Apple will only do this with the iPhone 14s. You know, in the notch on phones Face ID powering the facial recognition system TrueDepth camera system. This system enables one of the most secure facial recognition infrastructures on the market.

iPhone 13 family is already making a sound

The new family again from four different models will occur. Here are two for now with 5.42-inch and 6.06-inch screens. iPhone 13Other models will have 6.06-inch and 6.67-inch screen sizes. 13 Pro with 13 Pro Max will be reported. as a partner 120Hz OLED The family, which is called to be built on screens, will carry a triple rear camera on Pro and Pro Max, and a dual rear camera on the lower flat iPhone 13s.

"Renewal centers" for second-hand smartphones are coming; here are the details

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