The leader of the audio equipment industry has been announced

apple continues to dominate the audio equipment market. research company canalys According to the information shared by the company, in 2020 108.9 million sold smart personal audio device.

In these sales AirPods and beats products are included. apple, 25.2 percent market share, while Samsung 8.9 percent has a share of the market. owned by Samsung Blend It is said to have sold 38.9 million audio devices last year. Third on the list Xiaomi is located. Xiaomi is said to have sold 25.4 million audio devices in 2020. The market share of the company is 25.4%. Sony is the fourth on the list. When we look at the sales of Apple and Samsung, it is seen that there is a growth compared to 2019, while a decrease is observed in Xiaomi.

Apple continues to lead the wearable device industry

Apple carries its success in the audio device industry to the wearable device industry as well. According to the fourth quarter report of 2020, Apple is the leader of the wearable device industry. Xiaomi is followed by Apple, which sold 14.5 million wearable devices. According to the data, Xiaomi achieved 8.7 million sales in the fourth quarter. Huawei is at the third place on the list, while Fitbit is at the fourth place on the list.

The first of the images used at the end of the news belongs to the audio equipment industry, and the second image belongs to the research on the wearable device industry.

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