The new code in iOS 13 points to the continuous work of Apple in a pair of glasses with AR technology

In recent years, one of the most interesting rumors about a new product from Apple He has focused on a pair of Augmented Reality glasses that the company was supposedly working on. In addition to the usual speculation of the rumor factory, there was also concrete evidence that Apple I was making a concerted effort to hire a large number of engineers with vast experience in various technologies related to augmented reality.

Amid rumors that a pair of AR glasses or headphones were in process, a few weeks ago the developers found a STARTester application in one of the latest beta versions of iOS that includes a head-mounted mode designed to replicate the experience of the user of some kind of augmented reality hardware. In particular, the mode itself has two options, one “worn” call and the other “held” call.

That said, and with iOS 13 now officially released, the xSnow developer recently gained access to the test mode for the STARTester application and posted some videos of what he found. By the way, and perhaps not surprisingly, xSnow discovered that everything worked much better on an iPhone XS compared to the iPhone X of 2017.

Confirmed, there are no artifacts in Xs / Xr, and the whole experience is much more fluid. It seems that I have launched StarTester mode on my X despite all the hardware crashes 🙂

– xSnow (@__ int32) September 20, 2019

Interestingly, it seems that the previous rumors that claimed that Apple had effectively ceased all R&D efforts in an AR headset of some kind were not true. In addition, the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last March said that Apple AR glasses could begin production as soon as this year before its launch in 2020. It is worth noting that Kuo is easily the most accurate analyst when it comes to detailing new products in the portfolio of Apple. Specifically, Kuo writes that the AR glasses of Apple they will be something like a lightweight iPhone accessory in the sense that the iPhone would do most of the heavy work, while the AR glasses would focus primarily on displaying the relevant information.

Apple He has remained silent about it, although Tim Cook, almost two years ago, said he believes “AR is deep.”

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