The new draft design of the iPhone 12 family has come to light [Video]

iPhone 12 While the countdown has begun for the family, the draft designs of the phone continue to emerge.

Macrumors The iPhone 12 draft designs shared by Apple confirm the previous design details. While the iPhone 12 has a dual camera system, the Pro models have a triple camera system. Apart from the photos, a video about the draft design of the phone was also shared. Apple’s 5.4-inch, 6.1-in. It is expected to offer users three different screen sizes, 6.7 inches and 6.7 inches.

Looking at the bezels of the phone, we come across a stainless steel structure. In terms of design, we see that the model we expect to carry traces of the iPhone 4 will not be much different from the previous model in terms of design. It is stated that the notch will be thinner in the new models. It is also mentioned that 120 Hz screen refresh rate will be offered on the screens of Pro models. It is stated that the new Pro models will provide a more fluid screen experience with 120 Hz display support. Some sources also mention that Apple will not offer a 120 Hz display on new models.

Will the release of 5G supported iPhone 12 models be delayed?

It is also stated that Apple will include OLED panels on the screens of all new iPhone models. OLED displays can offer deeper blacks and more vibrant colors. It is said that Apple will prefer microLED displays instead of OLED displays in the coming years. It is said that LiDAR technology will also be included in Pro models. It is also said that Apple, which is expected to continue the notched design on the iPhone 12, will completely remove the notch next year. Although USB-C connection is expected in new models, Lightning connection appears in the draft design. It is stated that the 5G supported models of the phones, which we expect to be introduced in September, will be available for sale in October or November.

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