The new features of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, which arrives tomorrow on Xbox One

Tomorrow returns to Xbox One, in digital format, one of the most popular classic RPG games in history: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. This remastered installment will be released along with a series of improvements with which Square Enix has tried to adapt the game and make it more accessible to current player trends. Although those who seek only to enjoy the gameplay of the game as originally conceived, they can do so obviously without using these options.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered includes the following features to improve the gaming experience:

  • Easier battles: VIT and BTC bars are filled to the maximum continuously and limits are always available.
  • Without encounters: An option without random encounters to enjoy history without interruptions. Even with random encounters disabled, it is still possible to enjoy the fighting of the events of the story.
  • Speed ​​(x3): The game advances three times faster.
  • In addition, exclusively for the Steam edition, in the case that it will be your option, you will have a series of additional functions: Objects (grant all objects, with exceptions), Skills, Maximum GF level, Maximum Guiles, Magic Maximum, Limits and Letters (grant the maximum of all cards, except for those

«Final Fantasy VIII Remastered celebrates its twentieth anniversary by moving this role-playing game so appreciated to modern platforms with renewed graphics that make the game’s characters come alive as never before. The players will get into the shoes of Squall Leonhart, a candidate for Seed, and Rinoa Heartilly, belonging to the resistance, while fighting together to save the world from the belligerent nation of Galbadia.

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