The new version of Google Play is now available to everyone. But it wasn't the appearance that was the problem

The Google Play store has just gained a lot of refreshment. Say goodbye to greenery, welcome ubiquitous whiteness.

The new Google Play store app has been implemented for a long time, so some people may wonder why we’re writing about it right now. However, there is an opportunity for this, because the refreshed look has been implemented globally, for all users. Google boasts that the store is actively used by two billion people, so the refresh operation had to take a while. If you don’t see your new store yet, you probably need to wait a few extra hours.

Brightness, I see brightness.

The Google Play store app has been redesigned according to the Material Theme rules, which means breaking with the colorful bars at the top. At the beginning of the year, Gmail lost the red bar, and now Google Play is losing the green bar. Thus, the list of Google applications that have not been refreshed is already small.

In the new Google Play there are several novelties that are worth paying attention to. First, Google cleaned up the interface. The main categories, i.e. games, applications, films and books, hit the bottom bar, and the thematic lists within these categories remained at the top. This makes navigation easier and the application clearer.

Google Play Store

The second change is to unify the appearance of icons. Ultimately, all application icons will be displayed in the form of a square with rounded corners, so they will look like icons on iOS. Even the white applications on which to issue the logo in the middle are inscribed in a new shape that casts a shadow to make it stand out against a white background. There are currently a few exceptions to this rule, mainly among Polish applications. After installation, the appearance of the icon on the Android home screen may look different.

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Google Play Store

The application page is also strongly refreshed, although here we will see mainly visual changes. Finally, it is worth praising the subtle animations that appeared in the application. They are barely noticeable, but such details testify to the refinement of the design.

Unfortunately, Google Play content remains unchanged.

Remodeling the appearance of the application was needed, but it would be even more useful to cure the content. The new Google Play is a de facto powdered old Google Play, with millions of flashlights, calculators, games requiring suspicious permissions, or applications that suddenly start displaying ads among notifications.

Google Play Store

I rarely browse the Store for new applications. I usually rely on blogs and websites that recommend specific applications. Letters created inside the Store have never interested me. Even the “Recommended for you” section promoted on the home page is unsuccessful, because why should I be interested in a bank application that I am not a customer?

The look is important, but in the case of Google Play I would count on a thorough redesign of the store content. Google should clean the store of suspicious applications, and should implement better mechanisms for presenting and recommending individual titles.

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