The newest electric motorcycle that draws attention with its retro line: Pepper

Options such as electric bike models are increasing in the electric motorcycle market. Another retro option this time came.

electric motorcycle The retro line is in great demand in the market. People take great pleasure in seeing the design of the past and the technology of the future together.

That’s why companies continue to develop retro models. The newest of these Pepperbased in Switzerland Jonas Ohlsson bears his signature. The model, which knows how to take care of itself with its design, is built on a body that can be considered as compact as an electric bike.

When we look technically, the model is a 3,000W normal, 6,000W maximum power in the middle of the rear rim. electric motor is located. The electric motorcycle, which is too powerful for city use, is considered in the 125-cc class in the European market.

Maximum 75km/h reported to be able to accelerate Peppertotal 53 kg have weight and 700Wh installed on the battery pack. As expected, the model includes built-in LED lighting, disc brakes and suspension systems.

Pepper electric motorcycle will make noise when it comes out

We say this because the model is still in the prototype stage. In this respect, no information has been given about the price, range or other details of the motorcycle yet. It is also unknown when the product will hit the market.

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