The next iPhone could have wireless charging thanks to Qualcomm

Wireless charging has not reached the iPhone for its construction materials

We have known for a long time that one of the greatest wishes on the part of the users of the mobile devices of Apple is the arrival of wireless charging, despite this it is very unlikely that Apple will introduce this type of technology with the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus during its presentation next September. However, it seems that Qualcomm has just made a breakthrough in terms of wireless charging of mobile devices, it is a technology that could interest the boys of the Californian firm a lot since it would be perfect for the metal body of the iPhone.

The problem with wireless charging is that this type of technology has only been available on devices that have a plastic exterior. That’s fine on low-midrange devices or even for those smartphones Samsung high-end, but we already know that Jony Ive has a great passion for the use of aluminum cases on the iPhone and this is something that has so far prevented the possibility of charging them wirelessly.

The next iPhone could have wireless charging thanks to Qualcomm 4

Qualcomm works on a new wireless charging technology

Now the famous supplier of parts for iPhone, Qualcomm, announced today that they have managed to design the first solution that allows wireless charging of those devices that have an outer metal housing. This solution uses Qualcomm WiPower technology and is designed to be compatible with the Rezence standard.

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This advance that Qualcomm has managed to make is really a big step because the previous wireless charging systems use an induction charger that heats metal objects. Now, The new technology The company’s WiPower relies on the use of an MRI field to charge nearby objects.

In addition, this technology also allows the simultaneous charging of several devices regardless of whether they have different energy requirements, this means that we could be able to charge at the same time the Apple Watch, the iPhone and iPad, just having them near the same recharge platform.

The next iPhone could have wireless charging thanks to Qualcomm 5

Wireless charging could arrive with the next iPhone 7

Qualcomm is currently responsible for supplying different components for the current iPhone 6, including the LTE modem, the baseband processor, in addition to the power management and power tracking chips. It has also been rumored that Apple plans to use updated Qualcomm LTE modems which will have twice the speed and will have better battery management capabilities.

This new technology from Qualcomm, WiPower, is not yet available in the market, so there is no way to know if Apple You will have time to add it to the new iPhone 6s, however we can have some hope of its possible arrival with the next iPhone 7 of the Californian firm.

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