The only Samsung model to receive Android 10 in Turkey in September

South Korean tech giant Samsungcontinues to take steps on Android 10. One more device is switching to Android 10 this month in Turkey.

Samsung Turkey in July Galaxy A10, Galaxy Tab S4, Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy Tab S5e sent Android 10 to models such as Samsung will switch to Android 10 in August. Galaxy J4, Galaxy J8, Galaxy M10, Galaxy Tab S4 and Galaxy Tab A upgraded the models. The company, which gives Android 10 to nearly 15 devices in May, June and July, Android 11 trying to complete update plans ahead of time. In this context, the latest smartphone model that has been released Galaxy M10 had happened. The only device that will upgrade in September is the one you see above. Galaxy J6+ will be the model it is called. Owners of this model in Turkey are now eagerly awaiting the OTA update.

What does the Android 10-based Samsung One UI 2.0 interface bring to the devices?

The interface, which has been updated to make certain design elements more pleasing to the eye, seems better this time at eliminating distracting details. The company works especially for this and many elements has simplified is explained. Displays many interface indicators, including audio indicator. you crumble The company also states that the interface now offers a more natural use. Glad to make it even easier to use with one hand, the version uses more vibrant colors on many icons. Carrying animated icons and extending the protect interface to more places/apps OneUI 2.0is generally appreciated.

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