The OPPO product range / ecosystem is growing; here are new products on the way

one of the prominent players of the Turkish market, OPPOconfidently on the way to establish a giant ecosystem like its competitors progressing.

One of the most innovative names in the technology world OPPO, you know, basically a smartphone company. However, the company’s product range is now bluetooth speaker, smart watch and smart tv products as well. Here are some of them next year, in 2021. tablets and laptop computers looks like it’s going in. OPPO about it Samsung, apple and Huawei follows in the footsteps of its competitors. While it seems very logical for the company to struggle in the tablet and laptop market, it is reported that some other surprise products may be on the way. However, no details for these products are yet on the agenda. However, OPPO’s first solutions will be quite advanced.

OPPO is also working on navigation.

OPPOwith the new technology developed on phones reduced navigation accuracy to 1 meter. The company, which is reported to have designed an algorithm on this subject, without the need for any extra equipment made it a reality. To put this technology into real use China Mobile The technology giant, which is reported to work with the company, collects all the data it can for high precision.

In the infrastructure, data is collected from GPS, base stations, accelerometers in phones, gyroscopes and even antennas. The special algorithm that processes this data is able to position more precisely in seconds than ever before.

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