The Option to Mute Chat Forever Has Arrived on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has finally released the ‘always mute chat’ feature, which has been tested by beta users for about three weeks. There is no sound from the manage storage space feature in the beta version yet.

The world’s most popular instant messaging app WhatsAppreleased for beta users earlier this month. “mute the conversation forever” As of today, it has made its feature available to all iOS, Android and Web users.

Until the feature in question, there were options when you wanted to mute a WhatsApp group. With the new update it has released, WhatsApp has removed the 1 year option and replaced it. “anytime” added option. As you can imagine, when you select this option, the conversation in question remains silent until you turn it back on.

There are two ways to mute any conversation. In the first method, we hold our finger on the chat that we want to mute on the WhatsApp home screen, then click on the top right. ‘do not mute’ By clicking on the icon, we select and confirm how long we want to mute.

In the second option, after opening the chat we want to mute, first click on the options (three dots) icon in the upper right and then click on it. ‘mute notifications’ Tap on . On the pop-up screen that opens, we decide how much we want to mute the chat and confirm it by tapping ‘ok’.

Manage storage continues to be tested by beta users

With the new update of WhatsApp storage management It is also said to offer the feature. This feature, which is not currently seen in the or versions of the application, is thought to be available to users in the coming days.

The new storage management menu shows what files WhatsApp is taking up space on your phone. At the same time, we will be able to see the files that are recommended to be deleted here.

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