The original Chromecast will not receive major updates from Google

Google Chromecast is a very cheap and useful device. You can access streaming services like the one on Netflix or YouTube. And you just need to connect it to your TV or even your computer.

It is very easy to use and you can operate it remotely from your cell phone. So far there are three generations of this device.. However, it was recently discovered that Google will no longer develop updates for the first model.

If you are a user of this Chromecast, you will definitely want to know why you no longer receive updates. Keep reading so you know Why and What are the consequences for you?

Why won’t Google continue to update its Chromecast?

The answer is very simple. These models have met (and are quite good) with their renewal cycle.. Remember that the first Google Chromecast was announced 6 years ago and all the time that has passed, versions with stronger hardware have been released, especially the Chromecast Ultra 4K and Chromecast models with audio control.

Nevertheless, this news is not entirely true, because while people may say that the original Chromecast is outdated, Google says it will continue to support it.

As a user, this will not affect you. Or at least not in the short or medium term. You can still use Chromecast normally. Simply put, technological advancements and older models are definitely lagging behind.

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Should you buy a 2nd or 3rd generation Chromecast?

New Chromecast

We can’t say yes or no it all depends. But if you have a first generation Chromecast and You still feel comfortable with itWe really don’t think you should make any changes.

In addition, Google announced that, although it does not receive any more updates, continue submitting security patches and troubleshoot. Therefore, your device will be kept “up to date” in various ways. It is not wrong to be an old model 6 years A whole life in terms of the world of technology.

After all, given how cheap Chromecast is, you may want to switch to the latest model to take advantage of the new features they include. Especially the best video playback quality and sound control.

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