The Pascal’s Wager, or when Apple is taken seriously in gaming

Yesterday’s Keynote left us with a series of interesting news as far as the world is concerned. Apple it means. Everyone looked forward to the new iPhone and iPad (for better or worse), but they did not arrive alone, much less. Apple has presented a whole series of products and services, such as Apple TV + or Apple Arcadian. However, they have not missed the opportunity to show off muscle when it comes to their new ARM processor, the APPLE A13 Bionic, responsible for giving life to their new iPhone 11 and their new iPad. The one in charge of carrying out this demonstration of strength has been Pascal’s Wager, an exclusive game with awesome graphics and one gameplay worthy of a game from the Souls saga from From Software.


The Pascal’s Wager, a Soulslike in the palm of the hand

Official gameplay of The Pascal’s Wager

Taking a quick look at this official gameplay of the game, what is presented to us looks very good, more if we contextualize with the frame in which the game moves. When facing a game for mobile devices, the flucidity of movements and high quality graphics that are shown on the screen, although we were getting used to it. Undoubtedly, we are facing what will be a bombshell in the App store.

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Analyzing the gameplay, we are facing another of many followers of the line marked by the study of Hidetaka Miyazaki in Demon Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne, with a careful combat system, which seems to be the center of the gameplay. The basic scheme of it seems to be traced to the Souls, fast attack, strong attack, defense and dodge, all orchestrated and managed by the meter Stamina.

An exclusive game … for now

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For now, the game of TipsWorks will be exclusive to devices Apple, but it has not been confirmed that this exclusivity is permanent, so it would not be strange to see it soon on Android devices (and even a possible port to consoles and PC) if it reaches some success.

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The fact is that this The Pascal’s Wager looks very good, being able to become the Dark Souls of mobile devices, although for the moment we do not know more details, such as the price (if it will be a game with a fixed price or bet on models such as Freemium) or its exact release date. Of course, from we will keep you informed about this promising title.

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