The processors to be used in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series become clear

Samsung Galaxy S21 Little information about his family continues to come. This time, potential processors to be used in models are on the agenda.

Samsung Galaxy S21 family last Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra was said to consist of models. code names SM-G991, SM-G996 and SM-G998 phones called, Galaxy Note 20 family consists of flagships that the company will focus more on now that the exit is ready. It is the new processor details that bring the models to the agenda now. Previously on phones only “5 nm” in early 2021 Snapdragon 875 The processor was said to be located. However, it seems that this will not be the case. Because at least the Galaxy S21 Ultra “5 nm” in the model Exynos 1000 It is also claimed that it will use a processor. It is aimed to enter the market with two different processors. Snapdragon 875 with Exynos 1000 There is also the possibility that the processors will be produced directly by Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 family is slowly taking shape

A solid source with information about the processor, Galaxy S21 Plus He does not know which processor will be in his model, but it is most likely in this model. Snapdragon 875 with Exynos 1000 the duo is included. flat at the bottom Galaxy S21 its power only Exynos 991/992 It’s called a credit from the processor. In this processor AMD GPU that is, there will be no graphics unit. In this respect, “5 nm” Exynos 1000 On the graphics side, it seems to get its power from AMD. You know Samsung and AMD working collaboratively on this issue for a long time doing.

Galaxy S21 will get beta version of Android 12 and One UI 4 in September

Note: It is a visual representation.

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