The Steam Deck is the easiest modern console to repair according to iFixit’s list of components for sale

Steam Deck iFixit © © iFixit

Of the smartphones to laptop, through game consoles: manufacturers often do not make much effort to facilitate the repair of their devices. But the Steam Deck is not one of those, according to the specialist iFixit.

The site specializing in DIY repair of electronic devices shared with The Verge the list of parts he intends to put up for sale to pamper his Steam Deck.

Much like a computer (which the Steam Deck is, to some extent), Valve’s console is easily repairable. In any case, this is what the rather exhaustive list of components that iFixit will soon be selling on its site suggests. There she is :

  • Fan: $24.99
  • Display (512GB model): $94.99
  • Display (64 or 256 GB model): $64.99
  • Right stick: $19.99
  • Left stick: $19.99
  • Button Membrane: $4.99
  • D-Pad Membrane: $4.99
  • Speaker: $24.99
  • Low trigger: $7.99
  • High trigger: $6.99
  • Back cover: $24.99
  • Front cover: $24.99
  • Motherboard: $349.99
  • Right daughter board: $29.99
  • Left daughter board: $34.99
  • Battery adhesive: $4.99
  • Screen adhesive: $4.99
  • AC adapter (charger) US/UK/EU: $24.99

For most parts, it will be possible to add an additional 5 dollars in order to receive a tool kit making assembly and disassembly easier. In any case, as usual with iFixit, tutorials will guide you through replacing Steam Deck parts.

Soon a spare battery — and an SSD

It is obvious: parts that will be offered for sale by iFixit in the coming weeks, the battery is sorely lacking.

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Obviously aware of the void left by such a crucial component, Kyles Wiens, the CEO of the site informed The Verge that they had no solution to repair the batteries for the moment “but that his teams” work with Valve to ensure the best possible longevity for these devices “. The man adds that having a spare battery available will be key to ensuring the Steam Deck stands the test of time.

For the rest, redditors noticed that iFixit’s site has a placeholder page dedicated to the Steam Deck’s battery, as well as its SSD.

Things are therefore on the right track for first-time purchasers of a Steam Deck. A noble approach, which could, for example, be inspired by Nintendo which, at the time of writing, has still not officially recognized that the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons have had a drift problem for four years now. year.

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Source : The Verge

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